January 24, 2020



“Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow 

belongs to those who prepare for it today.”

Malcolm X.


As a parent, one of the most important issues I always think about for my daughter is her education. 
Choosing the perfect school is always a challenge. I scrolled through loads of websites with schools offering amazing campuses with great facilities. Unless you actually visit the school to see for yourself, how do you know? And with so many schools out there you can spend a lot of time visiting them all with disappointing results.

A virtual tour is a perfect way to start, it doesn’t just show you the 2D picture many schools have on their websites, a virtual tour can show the whole school in its splendor, giving you an actual walkthrough of the whole campus from the comfort of your living room.
And when you view the virtual tour using a 3DVR headset it gives you the feeling of actually being there. This increased the parent's and potential student’s confidence in your facilities. Experience for yourself by viewing our latest examples:








There is a variety of different reasons why adding a 360° Virtual Tour to your website and social media sites can improve your business. Generally, these essential benefits rely on the fact that 360° Virtual Tours greatly enhances the consumer’s experience of your property and drastically improves marketing through 3D Visualization.

360° Virtual Tour benefits for Education

30% of students said a virtual tour on their website was a “must-have” when evaluating schools. As more schools add virtual tours to their websites, that number is sure to increase. If you do not have a virtual tour of your campus then you are missing out on literally thousands of opportunities to provide your online visitors and potential students with a wonderful experience of viewing your campus in an amazingly different way.


Seven reasons your campus needs a virtual tour:

Bring the campus to the prospect. A virtual tour lets your potential students take a virtual walkthrough, seeing all of the facilities, classrooms and after-hour activities.

Highlight unique landmarks, buildings, and history. Students can explore and learn about the landmarks that set their campus apart from others. When they are in the final decision-making process, it may just be the details that make your campus memorable enough to make actually visit and enroll.

Share the college experience with family. For parents, sending their children off to college can be stressful. A virtual tour allows parents to see the dorms their children will live in, the dining hall their children will eat in, and the facilities they will learn in. Parents also look for safety. Highlighting the public safety features of your campus in a virtual tour will make it more likely that the parents will be on board.

Provide vital information. Does your school boast some impressive statistics? When facts and figures are listed on a website, they are often ignored by potential students. Sports records can be included in the athletic portion of the tour; the achievements of students in the extracurricular area can be highlighted along with the clubs and activities available to the students.



Highlight campus life. While academics are the most important aspect of choosing a college, campus life is not too far behind. When choosing a college, students also want to see what there is to do in their free time. Highlight the social venues on your campus, like student lounges, recreation centers, coffee shops, or anywhere else students congregate and socialize.

Promote sports and activities. A virtual tour is a great way to promote your sports programs and clubs and activities. Highlight sports fields and facilities, while introducing the coaches and program highlights. Show off the facilities available to your college’s clubs and associations while emphasizing the accomplishments of the students who have participated in them.
Profile nationality clubs and cultural events. If you are trying to attract international students, a virtual tour is a great way to show why your college is the place to be.  Since overseas students are unlikely to be able to visit your college in person, a virtual tour is a perfect way for them to get as close to a visit as possible. In addition, the tour gives you a chance to show off your diverse student body, and the activities and clubs that may appeal to them, as well as to highlight international alumni presence that may be available in their home country.


“A well-educated mind will always have more questions than answers.”

Helen Keller


“Education is the most powerful weapon which you 

can use to change the world.”

Nelson Mandela