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    return of investment

    Out of all the acronyms and abbreviations out there today, ROI is probably one of the most important for our clients, the definition for ROI is “A performance measure used to evaluate the efficiency of an investment”, in basic terms, how long will it take for me to see a return on my investment. 

     With ALL of our virtual tours our clients easily see an ROI in less than 4 weeks; it is not just the quality of our tours, but also the way we promote them through as many channels as possible, our website, the client’s website, Facebook, Trip Advisor, Expedia and many, many more sites and channels. According to a study by the Best Western Group, hotels that feature virtual tours on their websites receive up to 48% more direct bookings than those that don’t, and websites featuring virtual tours are viewed on average 3x longer that those without, which creates a greater customer confidence.

    web traffic

    “A picture says a thousand words, a virtual tour tells the whole story”. One of the best ways to get traffic to your website is with visual content marketing, and the best visual content is through a virtual tour of your property. What sets the virtual tour apart from simple photos is the fact that they are three dimensional. With a virtual tour, guests have the chance to feel what it’s like to be inside your property before they even get there.

     The interactive nature of the virtual tour is one of its biggest benefits. In the era of social media, audiences and travellers want to be able to connect with a brand. Being able to connect with a brand makes the brand more trustworthy. Statistics show that 73% of travellers research multiple hotels before making a choice. So if your hotel is one of the only hotels in the area with a virtual tour, your property now has the competitive edge.

    sale increase

    The way we place your virtual tour on your website is very important, it has to be visual to all that view it, not hidden away as a link at the bottom of the page. You have invested money in this product so you have to make it work for you efficiently. The best way to install it is in a small rotating thumbnail link on your home page, then when a client clicks on the link it opens up in a light box on the same page, installing the tour this way will get you the maximum coverage required to get your ROI.  

     We also make all of our tours available off-line so your sales teams and external agencies can use the virtual tour on their iPads, iPhones tablets etc. So it can be used to show your property using Google Cardboard and Oculus headset, giving the client the feeling of actually being there.